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Plus ONE plus ALL!

Andrew Conniff - Tuesday, September 20, 2011

According to the official Google + blog the popular new social media site is now open to anyone who wishes to join. Prior to this announcement a person had to be invited to join the site so the company could iron out the bugs before launching to a larger audience. The number of people who have signed up so far is over 25 million, but is saturated with web developers, bloggers, photographers and the like. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but the true social nature of the site is still unknown. 

New Hangout Features Take on Skype  

In addition to opening Google + up to anyone who wishes to join, several other major features are now available. Among the most important for business users is the ability to use the Google API to allow users to hangout on your website - in a similar fashion as the option currently available on Youtube. 

This means you can create important marketing pieces and videos that your business partners or customers can visit and discuss socially. I'm thinking training videos, marketing tips, market updates; all can use the API to interact with your customers as they interact with each other. This is a powerful way to add value in a social way. 

Another new feature is the mobile hangout, which will allow (some) people with smart phones to hang out on their phones. This feature is a little limited but when this works on older phones (android 2.0) or when we all get newer phones this will take off...


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