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Is Facebook Real?

Andrew Conniff - Monday, September 19, 2011

OK, of course Facebook is real, but is the phenomenon of social media a real marketing tool - or just a lot of hype?

This question came to me this past week after a presentation where one of the people was pretty dismissive and I later found out this person  "...did not believe in Facebook." I found that this persons response was interesting because my presentation was on how to shoot video, upload it to a hosting site, and deploy to the web. Of course I mentioned Facebook as a premier place to deploy video and have a business presence, but it was not the main focus of my presentation. However, after finding this info-graphic on mashable I may change that. The graphic below is self explanatory, but I found the statistic (I imagine the information is empirical since Facebook publishes actual user data) that nearly half of 18-34 year-olds check Facebook when they first wake up very telling. 

SOAP BOX ALERT: I think that any person that is selling something is really selling themselves. Of course, there is usually a product or service involved, but really it is all about the relationship a person can create with a prospective customer. This is the whole reason I promote video - and the reason I always say that "The perfect customer for me is anyone who thinks a prospective customer might find them on the internet." 

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