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Facebook 2011 f8 - "Making the Competition Look Ancient"

Andrew Conniff - Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook is billing the 2011 f8 as where the company will announce major enhancements and changes to facebook that will "...make the competition look ancient."  One big bonus for me is that I don't have to fly to San Francisco to experience f8; I can watch it on LiveStream


The setup is really exciting, and you can tell that a tremendous amount of preparation has gone into getting this information out. Once a section is completed, it is available for replay on LiveStream

On the right is an image from just before the Keynote.

The Future is called TIMELINE

The new layout is all about collecting your connections with less effort so you can tell your story in an intimate and open way. "We're going to make it so you can connect to anything in any way that you want" - Mark Zuckerberg The Activities go into the Ticker through the facebook open graph. This opens up a whole new class of Social Applications. 

The idea is that the applications are a "...frictionless experience." Something they are calling "real time serendipity" - picking up on what your friends are already doing and even listen to music that your friends are listening to at the same time as they are. 


The new changes are sure to allow a level of social interaction that currently does not exist on any social platform. The main focus is on discovery and sharing. Of course, these ideas have been the focus for facebook and facebook users for some time, but now the promise is that the new timeline, ticker and social graph applications will multiply the experience for the user by providing a safe place to keep your entire life online. 

So when do we get it?